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The Wyatt Earp Drill

I know this seems a little unusual, but me and a few friends who are concealed were inspired by Wyatt Earp to do this drill. We used airsoft pistols and facemasks for safety. If you know the history of the OK Corral, you know that Wyatt Earp was rushed by an unarmed Ike Clanton and Earp had the presence of mind NOT to put a round in Ike.

Our drill was to have one person be the "Wyatt" who walks around a corner(in this case a simple sheet of plywood to block our view) into a situation where Wyat would have to determine if drawing down was the proper response, but also to distinguish between threats or just bystanders moving in YOUR direction. This drill was made rather interesting given our distance and I can say that I received my fair share of welts too. I would say it was worth it though and that I would like to continue to do the drill. Does anyone have any tweaks that they might add? Or would you like to clarify?

Mind you this was not a police situation that we did. We were not trying to "arrest" anyone, but only increase our awareness and situation handling. There were always at least 2 people on the other side of the board from "Wyatt" and they determined the scenario and we would "lawyer" each other over proper response(sometimes we decided to just step back around the corner...and one time I made the mistake of turning my back and got shot...I broke my own rule and turned my back and I paid the price).

But again I ask...any tweaks? Like or dislikes? I know this is wordy, but I am in the process of writing a paper about the IRA and their Weapons channels for a class so I can't help but write alot.
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