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Originally Posted by Rachen
One question though: Would your BPM loads wreck havoc on the barrel wedge of the Walker? With such pressure coming to bear on that open top frame, I'd imagine the wedge and the arbor pin is taking one heck of a beating.
I have not yet observed any negative effects on the wedge or arbor. You'll note that I've taken into consideration the bullet mass versus the charge amount. The 141 grain roundball with 60 grains of BP is the exact max charge that the revolver in cap-n-ball mode is designed to handle. That's the rumor anyway. The 150 grain bullet is as close an approximation that one can get with a conical style bullet. The decreasing Bp charges for the increasing bullet weight are meant to minimize the risk of wedge/arbor damage.

Not sure what the results would be with Swiss but as you indicate there most likely would be an increase in performance.
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