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The range in Pauline is a well kept secret. Probably the best public range I've ever shot at. The RO there (Wayne) stays pretty much on top of things. Everyone I've encountered there has been super nice. Some friends from the Charlie6 forum also shoot there, you can read some of the articles echogreenlight has written - they have all been about shooters there at the Spartanburg DNR range:

A Day at the Range: A Silenced Remington .308

A Day at the Range: Jamm'n AR10

A Day at the Range: The KelTek RFB Bullpup

The .303 BVAC Misfire Pt. 1

You can see some of the benches and part of the berm in some of the photos he's taken.

He posts regularly in the forum (<-link) for the website - writes his articles as he sees it. Pretty straight forward guy, doesn't use any names in the articles. If you see him hit him up, the dude loves to shoot - introduce yourself, he may just do an article on you!

If you do go by, take Wayne a cold Pepsi (it's hot in that tin can they have him in), tell him "Ralph" from Inman/ sent ya (that's echogreenlight). Wayne will get a kick out of it.
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