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Pan lubing is no more messier thay you are. I cut up pieces of lube and stack it around bullets set base down in a pie pan or cake pan. I put the pan/bullets/lube in a toaster oven @ 200 degrees for 15 to 20 minutes (I adjust the depth of the lube to cover the lube groove whil melting). Bullets and lube need to be same temp. for good adhesion of lube to bullet. Remove pan from oven (here's the only place I think it might get messy; if you drop/spill the pan) and allow to cool. When not completely cold, but cool, you can usually push the bullets out of the lube cake and have the lube grooves full. Size if necessary. I've been casting my own and lubing them for over 10 years and don't have, nor do I plan on getting, a lubersizer.

Yep you can tumble lube non-tumble lube bullets. Alox needs to be on the bearing surface of the bullet, not filling the groove.

Lyman's Cast Bullet Handbook is a great reference for casting, loading, and shooting lead bullets.
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