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Karabiner and Maximum and Many Many Others!


Congratulations on having the single cavity (?) mold for the Maximum. Did you get it during one of those early group buys on Castboolits? What are you shooting it out of that you are having feeding problems with? Does it hang up on the ramp? Or is it just so long that it hits the chamber at too much of an angle to slide down the throat? If you crimp it in the last groove then you must have something like a 2.860 OAL yes? My M48A has a published Max OAL of 3.250 which is close to the actual but I have had some pretty long, fuller figured spitzers that went up the ramp at too much of an angle given how long they were and did not feed smoothly.


I have had a reply from the original designer of the Karabiner and the Maximum, a guy using the handle 45 2.1, and he is willing to work with me to figure out something. He referred me to a site:

that has a LOT of his other boolit designs. These are designs that 45 2.1 will feed the specs for to the owner of the machine shop, Bruce Brandt, who will then produce the molds. I don't think that the designs Bruce has posted on his site require a group purchase but if we go together and buy 10 or 15 at once that maybe we could negotiate a little on the price because Bruce will be able to set up once for a number of molds. If you order a mold, then Bruce will get the specs from 45 2.1 and make the mold. 45 2.1 referred me to and I really like the the 326-200 Silhoutte (go to the rifle 1 page on that site). The GB means that it has been Group Purchased on Castboolits before and the K means that it was designed by 45 2.1.

But I think that both the Karabiner and the Maximum, that 45 2.1 designed specifically for hunting, are still an option. Let me know what you are thinking and we can try to get this moving here unless folks feel like Group Buys belong over on Castboolits for some reason? I don't see why that would be but I haven't been around as long as some of you and I have stepped on land mines before that everybody else knew were there!
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