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Hello out there!!!!

I'm Jacob from SE OK. 29 years old and been hunting solo for about 21 years. I've had the luxury of inheriting a fine collection of Belgium Brownings, Win 70's, Mannlicher's, Rem 700's, Savages, & Kimber Rifles. I started reloading when I was eleven (with Dad & Grandpa of course!), and by no means do I know it all, but I may have a good piece of advice or two!!! Holler at me if you have any questions about any of the above rifles, hunting, or even if ya need to get rid of a rifle that's just beggin to be sold. I'm not incredibly partial to any particular brand of anything. That includes reloading. I know it sounds funny, but when you've been at this particular hobby for as long as I have, it's about the perfection of the machine, consistency of the reload, and grace of the shooter. Very glad to be here.
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“It was the ultimate hunting trip: a man hunting another man who was hunting me. Don’t talk to me about hunting lions or elephants; they don’t fight back with rifles and scopes!"--Chuck Mawhinney
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