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I love shooting air pistol/rifle in my backyard precisely to work on my fundamentals.

Here's my $0.02:

- Skip the sub-$100 stuff, especially if you're a bullseye shooter looking for quality trigger time. You don't need to drop $1,000+, but I personally think you'll be wasting your time with anything in this price range.

- Get a .177cal pellet gun. Single shot. Skip the BB gun. AFAIK, the barrels of the former are rifled. Decent target pistols are pellet guns.

- As far as type of pistol, the choices come down to:

1. C02.

2. Pre-charged pneumatic. Gun is "pre-charged" with air from a separate tank. Though it may be a single shot gun, you can shoot many shots from a single charge.

3. Break-barrel Spring action. The gun is cocked before loading for every shot. Cocking sets a trigger-actuated spring-powered piston. The cocked gun doesn't therefore store pressurized air - the piston creates it when the trigger is pulled.

4. Single-stroke pneumatic. Like #3, the gun is cocked before loading for every shot, but unlike #3, closing the cocking lever creates air pressure. The cocked gun therefore stores compressed air, so no piston moves when the trigger is pulled.

All in all, for your purposes, I'd recommend something from #4 or #3. The SSPs are quieter and without a moving piston, seem to hold still better when the trigger is pulled.

I have and can recommend an IZH-35M, which is single-stroke pneumatic. As bona fide 10M pistols go, it's a bargain. The trigger is fantastic, and it's accurate enough for even a very good bullseye shooter to find room for improvement. The gun is also set up so you can set just the trigger for dry firing. A very nice feature.

A single-stroke pneumatic that's smaller but gets good reviews is the Weihrauch HW 75.

As far as springers, I've read good things about the Beeman P1, but I've never shot one.

Here's a pic of my Izzy @ 10M:

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