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Does anyone practice with air pistols?

I'm a semi-serious bullseye shooter (3 times a month) without a lot of time or opportunity to get to a range for practice in between matches. I didn't get to shoot this past weekend and I'm having withdrawal symptoms.

Question - does anyone practice with air pistols away from the range and find any value in doing it? I'd really like to shoot for 15-30 minutes daily and feel like I was able to work on techniques of stance, breathing, holding a sight picture etc. and see a projectile hit a target rather than just dry firing.

To that end, I'm looking to get some kind of air pistol for practice only, not competition. I know nothing about better-than-toy air pistols, but at random went to an air gun site and saw this...

Would this gun hold a group size of ~ 0.5" at short ranges like 30 feet? If this isn't any good, can someone make a recommendation in the sub-$100 range? Should it shoot BBs or pellets? I'd rather get a pump action pistol than something that consumes CO2 cartridges. I use iron sights with both pistols and revolvers for Bullseye so a lack of a red dot is not an issue.
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