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I think my problem is that I have script blocking but I'd rather deal with the logoffs than turn scripting back on.
Turning off javascript disables much of the web. If you're worried about rogue js compromising data on important sites like banks or trading sites or even ecommerce sites like amazon, use a separate VM [1], or a separate FF profile [2], or simply use one browser (e.g. Chrome) for "safer" stuff like finances, and another VM/profile/browser (e.g. Firefox) for casual browsing. The safer browser can be loaded up with extensions, for instance -- and most of these are for Firefox -- Disconnect (chrome), Ghostery, Adblock, Noscript, Betterprivacy, HTTPS-Everywhere, Perspectives, and Leechblock (invert the rules, block everything with "*" and allow "+*" "+*" to prevent accidentally visiting less-safe sites in your "safer" firefox profile, if you don't trust noscript to do the job).

I know you think you're being prudent by disabling javascript globally, but that's a lost cause. If you're that worried about javascript, use VMs so you can use modern sites they way they're designed to be used, while isolating that from your more sensitive browsing.

Also, to echo Vanya, Noscript is great. It also does good things beyond simply blocking scripts, so it's nice to have in any FF profile even if you don't want to block javascript.

[1] Guide to setting up ubuntu inside of virtualbox:

[2] Guide to using Firefox profiles: (then modify your Firefox start menu or taskbar link or desktop link/shortcut and after the final double quote, add -no-remote -profilemanager ...that will let you easily start a new instance of firefox running a different profile even if another firefox instance is already running.
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