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I definitely like that wide nose and would like to keep it so that these boolits will still go splat. I actually just got an email from 45 2.1 and am talking to him about the design. I am starting to realize that his design and what Lee eventually turned out might be different as 45 2.1, who designed the boolit, shoots an M48! I'll keep posting here and PM you if it looks like this is going somewhere.


I'm not sure, after this first message from the guy who designed the boolit, that it will NOT be necessary to slim down the nose after all . The designer, 45 2.1, shoots an M48 and he did not say so in this first email but I think that the restriction may have been put on by Lee for some reason. I am going to slug the throat of my M48 this afternoon to see if it will fit as is in my M48. If so, that would be two M48's that it fits in and there would be no reason to change the design. I am starting to think that the drawings that Lee posted at Midsouth Shooter's might NOT be the same as what the designer drew up.

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