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This is a great question with some very interesting feed back, assume you have all the right processes in place, and your rifle twist is compatiable with bullets being used. How does idea pressure fall into this?
What I have found most of the time (and I say MOST of the time) is that when I find an accutate load it falls into a pressure zone example (my 25-06
Pro hunter will shoot a 120 gr Horn HP and a 115 gr Nosler BT right at 3/4 " it also shoots 100 gr sierra about the same maybe a touch better all 3 are est. at 59,000 to 60,000 PSI). My sons 25-06 is the same but a lighter load, my 7mm-08 ( 120gr to 150 gr) is the same with various comb. but all seem to be accurate at a given pressure, as is my 22-250.(50gr,52gr,53gr,55gr.)
I'am interested in your feed back as I would like to know if my findings hold any merit.
Groundhog I'am not sure there is any one thing that gives us the best accuracy I feel its a comb. of several things.
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