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I agree with Jim Watson on the Clay line. When I started out (When things were hard to find) I stumbled across some Universal.

I had read references to Clays and Clays Universal (Also seen referenced as Universal Clays).

There was no other experienced reloader to talk to and the guy at the shop where I got it was "Pretty Sure" they were interchangeable.

I wrote to the company and either I was not clear in my question or the guy who answered me was just as confused, because he said they were interchangeable also. (I can not find the e-mail now, but I did post it here awhile back.)

I still felt there was something wrong with the answer I got from the company and the guys here on the board cleared it up.

I prefer the number system simply because it is hard to screw up a number.

I was doing things bass ackwards before. Buying powder and then looking for loads. I have sense learned to look for loads first and then buy the powder.
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