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Lee Load Master Priming Problem

Been a couple years since I've been on here but I'm back seeking help/advice.

Any Load Master Experts out there?

I am having trouble with my primer feeder on my load master press and hope you might have some suggestions. If I use wrong names for parts please excuse me. I'll do my best. The primers are not feeding into the primer pushing ram under the shell plate. It seems the primer slider is not sliding back to pick up a new primer. When the case leaves station 1 deprimed it hits the part of the primer slide ard that is supposed to push the arm causing the slider to move back and pick up the new primer. That seems to be caught. I have to give it some pressure when pushing back up on my handle indexing the shell plate and the arm does not move back to allow the slider to pick up another primer.

I have taken the whole priming kit off my press and it slides easily in my hand but not when I install it back on the press. I have inspected the primer slider and it appears to be in perfect shape as does the arm.
I don't think it would be worn out. I bought the press in December of 2010 and maybe loaded 2,000 rounds.

Any Load Master people got some suggestions?
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