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more blather for those in no hurry

When I start serious load development I've first ensured I have an accurate launch platform.
I pick a bullet intended to meet the specific impact need.
I pick a middle-of-the-pack charge weight of an in-the-middle-burn-rate powder.
I use new sized cases and normally, CCI primers.
I make ten test ten (I don't have far to go to my range -- about ten strides).
I put the ten on target, 'chasing' the first hole while function-testing.
I have enough experience to recognize from those first ten what to do next.

If function is correct and accuracy is NOT awful I explore varied OAL or charge weight or crimp.
I may test a different powder based on chronograph results, and again may vary OAL or charge weight or crimp.

If in those first ten shots I observe poor accuracy I choose a different bullet that can still meet my impact performance goal.
Then I start over......
"all my ammo is mostly retired factory ammo"
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