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Application of lessons learned

In the Army, there is a formal process of integrating lessons learned into doctrine. I expect is is the same with law enforcement. In the case of these shootouts that have gone badly, I wonder if it is valid to attempt to apply lessons learned to the different circumstances of a typical concealed carry person. Police have an affirmative duty to engage a target, just as we did in the Army. The tactics differ somewhat with armed private civilians. We seek to avoid trouble when possible and I expect attacking an enemy who is advancing or attempting to engage us is less likely.

I agree that these events need to be studied and lessons learned integrated into doctrine. It is interesting to read about it, and attempt to critique it from the outside. What would outsiders learn when some key facts are closely held?

When some of these events occurred, I was still a soldier. I recognized that police at the time did not train in the same tactics we did. The mission and situation differed. As the police began to face some rudimentary combat tactics the too some losses and adjusted to the new normal. The military faced similar problems with IEDs. It is not always easy to anticipate how conflicts will evolve.

What is it they say about the best laid plans once we meet the enemy?
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