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I wish I could get NFA items in my state. I won't be here for ever so I do care about NFA laws. I would like to see the 86 MG ban completely repealed. Also I think that the only guns which should be restricted are DDs and MGs (well I would like to see these items too be unrestricted but I am being slightly realistic). I mean really even most European countries barley have restrictions of suppressors. I would also perfer a system which enables you to transfer NFA items without the wait. What might be practical is applying for something like an NFA Items Purchaser Card (sort of like what they have in NJ for all guns :barf. You go through the whole process, pay a tax, and wait a couple of months but after this you are done. You can now using this card walk into a store and buy NFA items and take possesion the same day.
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