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Please, don't everybody crowd in here at once....

Please, don't everybody crowd in here at once, I can get to you all if you just give me a little time!

OK, so I shoot a dinosaur but it is one of the sweetest actioning dinosaurs a guy could ever shoot. There is a reason that so many bolt action rifles use Paul Mauser's bolt design. Anyway, I will maybe mosey on over to Castboolits and try again there because, for some reason, that seems to be where all of the custom orders originate? And if some drunk guy does stumble in here and is interested let me know. I am still waiting for a response from the boolit designer (45 2.1) for permission to even try this thing. I am leaning towards the Maximum as that round was designed for accuracy at the greatest length - maybe 150 to 200 yards with open sights.

Now, if I was to want to do something for, say, my AR.......

And before you point it out I know that I am talking to myself here. Some of the best conversations that I have ever had are! And I don't care what those guys in the white coats said about me......

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