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Continued from previous post:

Model 1909

The Clement Model 1909 appears to continue the same numbering series as the Model 1908. Legend remains "-AUTOMATIC PISTOL CLEMENT'S PATENT-", and legend is located on the sighting rib along the top of the receiver.

It is interesting to note that the sides of the breechblock now have cross checkering rather than straight serrations. Safety markings are in English ("FIRE" and "SAFE").

No. 21117 (This pistol is fully engraved in a fanciful dragon and scroll motif and appears nickel-plated. Unsure if engraving is period work. Screws and levers are fire blued).

No. 21570 (marked "MADE IN BELGIUM" on right side)
No. 21905 (photo blurry but believed to be marked "MADE IN BELGIUM" on right side)
No. 22316 (marked "MADE IN BELGIUM" on right side)
No. 22434 (marked "MADE IN BELGIUM" on right side)
No. 22504
No. 26516 (marked "MADE IN BELGIUM" on right side)
No. 27004 (marked "MADE IN BELGIUM" on right side)
No. 27464
No. 28649

Sometime after No. 28649, the sides of the breechblock received straight serrations rather than checkering, and the "-AUTOMATIC PISTOL CLEMENT'S PATENT-" legend was discontinued, to be replaced with a simple "C.P.C" marking on the left side of the pistol near the muzzle.

No. 36956

It is possible that this late pistol was assembled from leftover parts before the transition to the much different Model 1912. Perhaps the straight-serrated breechblock was a leftover part from Model 1908 production (I don't know if breechblocks are interchangeable between the 1908 and 1909 models). What does seem certain is that this pistol is original with respect to its parts and finish, with matching serial numbers stamped in the usual locations on the same pieces as "normal" 1909 production (upper receiver, lower receiver, breechblock). Does not appear "messed with" at all, aside from someone's having installed a dovetailed front sight on it.

End of data for Model 1909. To be continued with the Model 1912.

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