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Wow. There are a lot more responses here, than I expected.

Just to clarify-
Yes, that was new brass. It came packaged in the green "Remington Component" brass bags.

You should send that photo (or take some better ones) to the dealer that sold it to you and ask if that is the quality of merchandise they really want to be selling.
I bought it at the Midvale, UT Sportsman's Warehouse store. If I showed them a picture, they wouldn't give me the time of day. If I tried to return it, they'd tell me to get bent. The only hope in that store, is a friendly old guy that is a die-hard hand loader. But, he's just a salesman. He wouldn't have much sway with management. ...Their store policies are horrible, but we don't have many options for non-mainstream reloading supplies around here. (.35 Whelen is far from popular here)

I'm much, much more alarmed at your addendum regarding the Hornady brass than I am about any part of your rant on the R-P brass.
That Hornady brass was a MASSIVE disappointment. I opened the box, told the dog, "ooh, pretty shinies", pulled the bag out, and put everything on a shelf in disgust. I'll try to get a picture for this thread later.

I'll be calling Midway and Hornady on Monday, to see which company feels like correcting the issue. Midway will just want to send me more off-center flash holes, so I'm hoping Hornady will step up.

Crankylove showed up when I was about half way through the prep on that .35 Whelen brass. The first thing I did, was have him look at that Hornady brass (without hinting at the issue). Within 5 seconds, I heard, "Holy <expletive>; look at those flash holes!"
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