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Reloading for the 9mm isn't that expensive if you have a press.

Dies and shellplate will run you 50 to $90. I taper crimp all Auto Pistols and a taper crimp die would be included in the $90 range.

If you search, you can find brass dirt cheap (or use what you have). I was able to find 6k pieces of 9mm brass for $100 shipped. I lucked out and took the deal as soon as I saw it. Worked out to 2.5k F.C., 2k Winchester & 1k R-P (there was .5k of other headstaps that will still be in my rotation, but may give a buddy who also wants to reload 9mm).

Bullet choice is going to be where you will spend the most as Powder ($0.009 assuming HP-38/W231 purchased from PV in 8lb jugs and a charge of roughly 4.5gr) and Primer ($0.025 assuming SPP purchased in bulk) are almost insignficant).

If you shoot lead, then I would suggest MBC's SmallBall (.356 125gr LRN) or MBC's Parabellum (.356 115gr LRN).

If you're going to shoot FMJ or JHP, give Precision Delta a look.

FMJ or JHP will run you about $0.08 to $0.09 per bullet. Lead will run you about $0.06 to $0.07 per bullet. This is obviously the bulk of your reloading costs.
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