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Disclaimer: 1) I don't factor in my time. Reloading/casting is a hobby, not a job

2) Reloading save no one so much as a penny. You will shoot a LOT more for your dollar, however.

Turret press: $120
Dies: $30
Casting gear: $60
Molds: $20
Brass: $40

We'll call the total ~$300 because I'm sure I'm forgetting something. For new calibers, all you'll have to buy is dies and new molds, so this breakdown is how many rounds it will take to start saving money if I'm only counting 9mm.

Here's my cost/round breakdown:

Bullet: $0 (cast from wheel weights, which are free)
Powder: $0.011
Primer: $0.02
Brass: $0 (if you buy once fired in bulk, this could be seen as a 1-time cost)

Total: $0.031/rd
$1.55/ box of 50
$31/brick of 1k

At $10/50 for factory stuff (of lesser quality, mind you) I should break even at around 1800 rds. I plan to shoot a LOT more than 1800 rds of 9mm before I die, so I figure it's a good idea to reload, even if I only intended to do so for 9mm.

I don't see where people get off saying reloading 9mm is not a big savings.
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