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What's to be done?

Don't hold back FrankenMauser. How do you really feel?

Seriously though. I have had the same problems with Remington. Having to toss 5 or 6 percent of what you just shelled out good money for is NOT my idea of commerce. Switch to Winchester and my luck has been a little better but nothing to brag about. I look at the prices for Lapua etc and just shudder even when they have 8mm stuff for my M48. Pistol brass is a little better and easier to fix but.....

So, to turn this from a rant into a discussion; What's to be done? I mean, before your post I would have told anybody asking me that the Hornady brass should be good but I noticed a LOT of weight variation in the last box of Hornady 55 gn BTHP for my AR. A buyer should not have to sort jacketed loads for weight! Part of the reason that I cast is that for the amount of money they want for the jacketed stuff you would think that the tolerances would be tighter. (Plus casting is fun ) Do we have to figure out how to make brass now? I guess the words inexpensive and brass no longer belong together and I should start a brass fund like an oversized Christmas fund?

Actually, I spend a lot of time out at the places that I shoot looking at the ground for what the kids were in too much of a hurry to pick up. Works OK for the pistolas but those darn kids just don't think bolt action or Mauser anymore!
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