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2 custom boolit molds for MilSurp 8mm's

I was kicking around on the net the other night and found 2 really sweet custom boolit designs on Midsouth Shooters Supply for MilSurp 8mm's. I was told by Lee Precision that they were both designed by two guys on Cast Boolits Forum named "Oldfeller" and "45 2.1". They both carry a warning not to shoot them through the Yugo M48 which is what I shoot. The molds have to be custom made by Lee and they have been made in quantity lots previously.

I asked Lee about why there is the warning about the Yugo M48 and was told that it is because the "nose" of the boolit does not fit the throat of the M48. If this is the only problem, I am thinking of trying to make contact with Oldfeller and 45 2.1 and see if they would mind someone making modifications to the designs to fix this problem if it exists. I am assuming that they "know" something about the Yugo M48 to have put the restriction on the drawings.

What I need to know is: Are there enough M48 owners or even other MilSurp 8 mm shooters around here that would be interested in putting in a group order for a modified design boolit assuming that it is possible to get permission to make the changes? I have the boolit drawings or you can check them out at Midsouth Shooter's Supply under their "Bullet Casting" web page.

I am in the process of slugging the throat of my M48 and folks have wondered why I am doing such an anal job of doing it. 1) I am an anal retentive guy and 2) if I am going to order that mold and shoot it through my favorite rifle then I want to do it right and get the throat dimensions down to the gnat's [email protected]@! I would recommend that anyone else considering doing this order might want to do the same on their M48 as one data point data point and more is always better when you are anal retentive like me! Note the diameter of the lube bands as well as the warning not to shoot them in the M48's. I am making an aluminum mold to cast a lead rod to put into a partially lead filled casing to slug the throat of my M48 and will make and send rods to anybody interested in a group order of the boolit mold so that they can slug the throats of their MilSurp 8mm's.

These are Oldfeller and 45 2.1's designs:
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