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I think there is a lot of unvoiced interest here. Several discussion on TFL have brought up friends/family/spouses/children of members, that are stuck in limbo, right now. With old convictions, or even just charges, there are many people that are wondering exactly what their firearms future holds.
I'm voicing interest. Hell, I'm a LEO and I don't think a misdemeanor DV conviction should permenantly revoke the RKBA. Many non-violent (and non-drug related) felonies should not permenantly revoke the RKBA, IMHO. I personally see nearly every day how one stupid attack can permenantly strip you of a constitutional right. I'm all about taking that away if you're slinging crack, committed rape, or have murdered someone. I don't think a guy that got into it with his wife one night, she wanted to leave and he wanted to finish the conversation, he blocks the exit so they can resolve their business, she calls 911 and an overzeleous LEO wants to charge felonious restraint (even though he never hit her or hurt her)... whew... should be permenantly stripped of his 2nd amendment rights.

I've also seen women (and men) who lie to a magistrate to obtain a restraining order against the guy. The restrainee is aware of the order, as they're served with it. The other party, however, keeps calling them and telling them they want to continue the relationship. The restrainee, who usually loves them, agrees. Everything is fine. Until, that is, the restrainee upsets the restrainer. Then 911 is called, and LEOs end up arresting the restrainee for violation of the restraining order (or protective order, or whatever it is in whatever state). You have a guy or girl who's never really committed real domestic violence, but now they are all but convicted of a DV offense. Bye Bye gun collection. This happens. I've seen it happen.
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