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Open door, let 80- lbs of mean in and listen for the screams to subside, then I know it is all clear in there and head for the mop and a bucket...

A 4 legged, furry, flash-bang-with-teeth, can certainly make life a lot easier for the good guys.

At an advance tac course at Karl Rehn's - the newbies who wandered out to engage the bad guys were quite embarassed and sometimes knocked on their cans.
A lot of that has to do with what conditions are placed on the participants.

1 on 1 in a building, where the only goal of the participants is to survive, the individual that remains in a static defensive position is going to have the advantage. Change the conditions, and the results may change as well.

A home owner can have advantages over a home invader, depending on the conditions, that can certainly warrant taking a more aggressive approach than simply establishing a static defensive position.
-Early warning due to a compromised breach of the premises.
-Familiarity with the layout of the premises.
-Stealth and surprise.

Home invaders may be solely focused on finding and securing valuables, employ little to no security, and easily susceptible to the stealthy approach of a home owner from an unexpected location, or an ambush.

While the safest approach is to simply hunker down and pull security on the door / hall, this is not necessarily the ONLY approach available, and largely dependent on the conditions at any given time, your individual limitations, and the risk you are willing to accept.

While I wouldn't risk attempting to clear an unfamiliar home solo, given the right conditions and a favorable risk assessment, there would be times that I would opt to clear my own home.
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