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Is that 45-45-10 mixture your speaking of : 45=(LLA???)-45 Wax paste-10 mineral spirits ?? I agree the LLA is thick, Ive noticed it causes some funky smelling smoke. But I use it any way because it's quick,easy,cheap!!
Yes, that is the mixture. I tried a small amount, just mixing it as I warmed it up, but it didn't seem to blend very well at all.
Melt the paste wax first, then add the LLA, then the mineral spirits. Makes a very smooth, much thinner mixture. I think that when you melt the wax, and let it "cook" for a little while, you are actually burning off some of the solvents in it.... whatever they are? It is apparently important to do this before you add in the LLA.
It also just LOOKS like it's not enough lube, even with two coats... see my pics. But, I've been told it works very well, so I'm going ahead with the "trial by fire" so to speak.
I get to baby-sit the granddaughter this Saturday for a few hours (woo-hooo! ), but I might get out to the range after that.
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