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When the neck expander is pulled through the neck the neck expands, when the neck expands the neck gets shorter, when the case is sized the neck is necked down, necking down the neck lengthens it, if a L.E. Wilson case gage was used and there was a problem with the neck caused by pulling the sizer ball through it, the problem would be indicated on the short end of the case (neck) that is because the L.E. Wilson gage measures the case from the shoulder back to the head of the case and from the shoulder forward to the mouth of the case, meaning, if the case neck got longer it would protrude from the case gage top (neck end), not the case gage bottom (case head end).

This information means little to nothing to most, I find it helpful, again, I have a 30/06 chamber with .016 thousand head space, it did not get that way, it came that way, when sizing cases for that chamber I add .014 thousands to the case length from the head of the case to it's shoulder meaning when I place a sized case in the L.E. Wilson case gage, I have .009 thousands protruding from the end of the gage on the case head end and nothing protruding from the neck end of the gage and when measuring the case for length it comes out to 2.508, if I was hard headed I would trim the case to 2.494 or less (trim to).

Cases do not whip my presses, but when they do I reach for the companion tool to the press, the feeler gage, raise the ram, lock over, jam, cram or cam the press and measure the gap between the top of the shell holder and bottom of the die, if there is no gap my press won, if there is a gap without a designed plan the case won, even after a one additional turn of the die (down- .071+) I can apply an additional .012 thousands of additional punishment to the press 'WITH' the companion tool to the press, the feeler gage, but before that I reach for a new case or a once fired case knowing when sizing cases and or forming a case it does not get better than a new case, after that it starts down hill when my press starts to lose it's ability to size the case or my cases ability to resist being sized increases, and again, it is not possible to fire, then neck size 5 times then start over by full length sizing, after all the case has been fired 5 times.

spring back? I have cases that started as 30/06 cases, now some of them are 257 Roberts, 308W, 8mm57, 6.5/257 Roberts Japanease...etc., and none of them have the ability to remember what they were in the beginning or the ability to recover. it seems the hammering the case gets when fired knocks the memory out of them, like pulling the sizer ball through the neck thinking the neck gets longer... who measures? Before and after?

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