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Nice looking boolits kraigwy. It's a neat idea. Let us know how they shoot?

Another good idea hornetguy. I DO have a 158 gn .358 mold and a bunch of lubed boolits I am just fixing to load. I'll use one of the .358 diameter boolits when I slug the whole barrel.

But I stole an idea from Richard Lee today and bought a length of 1" x 2" 6061 aluminum flat bar stock. I'm going to saw a 3 inch long piece in half and make two 1/2" x 2" "halves" 3 inches long. Then I'll just flip each of the halves over so that the un-sawn, flat faces fit together, lap them on a glass plate if they need any smoothing, clamp them back together and drill a hole 5/16ths inch diameter about two inches long.

Ready to fill with melted pure lead. I thought about doing it this way because I can make one of these sort of "Lee" molds in each caliber that I want to slug.

By the way I know what that second "S" stands for and are you calling me stupid?

What I want to know is, since we have never met in person, how you knew? I thought I was keeping it a secret!
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