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I just use Lee Liquid lube on my pistol bullets anymore. Cast with wheel weights and tumbled with LLL, I don't have a problem with leading, but I clean my bores after each shooting session.

My revolvers don't care, but on my semis I wipe the lube off the exposed bullets after loading. This eliminated my failure to feeds. I didn't when I first got my 92FS, I wanted to see how it shot, got a couple fail to feeds, then last week I cleaned the tips and fired 300 just as fast as I could change mags (testing the reliability of the Beretta), not a single hiccup with the cleaned bullets. (this was the RCBS 125 grn cone shaped bullets).

My 45 ACPs don't seem to care either, I only clean the tips of the bullets I shoot in Bullseye matches more for accuracy, neither of my 1911s (Gold Cup and 1911a1) care whether the exposed bullets are cleaned or not as far as reliability.
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