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Candy anyone?

Thanks for the 45-45-10 "recipe." Because I am definitely not happy with the first couple of attempts at tumble lubing using the Lee liquid alox alone. I don't mind a mess if it is functional and I sure don't care about looks until that projectile is down range and has done what I wanted it to do.


I worry a little bit what I am going to be sending down the barrel and it seems with that sticky mess that it COULD be a lot of abrasive stuff sticking to the lube. Maybe other folks manage to live in a super clean environment where there is no sand or small particulate stuff in the range bag that I use to take my ammo out to the field in. It just seems that firing ammo that has even a microscopic coating of "dust" on each round fired might be like lapping the barrel round after round after round......

So, thanks for the recipe and I can't wait to make some up and see if I can
load some rounds that do not look like some kid drooled caramel all over my ammo......

Question: Is Johnson's the magic paste wax? Or could it be another brand of paste wax? Is there some magic ingredient in Johnson's that makes it better than, say, McGuires? (sp?)

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