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Casting a 5/16 inch diameter lead rod?

It takes me a while but I generally get there. I am still chewing on all of the barrel slugging information you guys were kind enough to give me so I could slug the barrel of my M48 Mauser. The bore on that rifle is theoretically .323 inches which is just a hair over 5/16 ths of an inch. Well, a THICK hair....

I was wondering if I could cast a 5/16 inch diameter lead rod about 2 inches long and insert it in the end of a partially lead filled brass case to make a chamber end "jig" to use as the slug. Chamber it and then go after it from the muzzle end of the barrel?

This is a variation on the "chamber a lead filled case with a seated lead bullet...." type of slugging that was mentioned in that previous thread about barrel slugging.

Does anyone have any ideas on what to use as a mold to cast that 5/16 inch rod?
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