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I started out standing them up--then realized that once they scoot down the barrel it's not going to make a bit of difference having a minor puddle-glob from leaving them lay to dry. AND---I was right. It doesn't make squat-bit of difference other than standing them up is an OCD waste of time.

To answer the other question---45-45-10 doesn't dry tacky. It's very nice in that respect, and works very well. Also, yes, that thin layer is enough for rifle boolits. The big mistake most make tumble lubing is using WAY too much. It smokes, smell, gums up dies, and causes everything within 10' to stick to them, including you. It makes a mess out of magazines and feed ramps... and so on. Then it gets determined that tumble lubing sucks! Nope--it works great if you use enough--not too much.
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