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If you are shooting Service Rifle you can't use a pulse thingy on the sling. I don't believe its required to have the sling in the "parade" position while shooting off hand any more (but most people do).

Come ups: I can tell you on my Heavy Match M1A, my 200 yard zero is 11 clicks up. 15 at 300, 29 @ 600, and 44 @ 1000.

The ammo was 852 to 600 and Mexican Match at 1000 ( the old 180 SMKs, simular to the 175 SMKs)

Your rifle and position will be different but the above will get you on paper. Just figure out what your 200 yard zero is and do the math, mine was 11, so basicly you'd come up 3-4 to get to 300, another 12-14 to get to 600, and from 600 another 14-16 clicks.

Again your miliage (or gun/ammo) may vary, but that will get you close and on paper.
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