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That's what I 'm with, a 1907 from Turner's I currently have it rigged like Jim Owens book tells me too, looking for the pulseless wrap that some are using, can't figure out how to rig it. I know they leave it on their coat, just hook it to the front swivel of the gun when it's time to shoot. I was talking about the MRT on the gun for offhand just because it is required to be on the gun. Some I've seen using just a clip on web sling to satisfy that rule. The MRT is pretty much toast as a usable sling.

Got the sweatshirt. Gear I lack is a scope, stool and mat, been doing okay on loaners.

Might get the chance to shoot 1,000 yards this time, what's a good rough guess at a comeup from 500 to 600 and then from 600 to 1000 with the M-1A and M118? Last match I shot only had a 500 line. I averaged about 187, best of the 2 weeks was 194-7 so I think the gun will do 1000 if I can find the paper.
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