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Tumble lube

For those of you that tumble lube...

How many of you have tried the 45-45-10 mixture of thinning the lube with Johnson's Paste Wax and mineral spirits?

It is supposed to be thinner (of course) than the regular Lee Liquid Alox (LLA) and is supposed to dry "less tacky" than the LLA. The usual process is to tumble once, let that thin coat dry, size/check, then tumble again with another thin coat. This is supposed to be adequate for shooting in rifles.

I've always wondered about the process of lubing... swirl them around in a plastic tub, then just dump them out on wax paper and let them dry. I always visualized all the lube puddling against the wax paper, leaving an uneven coating in that area. It seems I was correct, as the pics show on some .22 Bator boolits I did a couple of nights ago. Any time I've done the tumble lube with LLA, I've taken the time to stand the boolits up on their bases, which usually gives a pretty even coat of lube.
Any opinions or experience as to whether this will affect the accuracy potential of these (or any other) boolits?

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