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Need sling help Highpower

Looking for Kraig or others, want to get the lowdown on how to rig a pulseless sling. I've got a brand new Turner NM sling and want to see if I can improve things over my previous slinging. Looks like I'm going to get orders to the fleet matches here for the next two weeks, haven't shot the gun since fleet matches in '09. Sounds horrific until you consider in '09 I showed up having shot the gun once in the last 3 years, didn't even know how to put the sling on right, had no coat and never shot Highpower. So, I am waaay ahead of the game this time.

Creedmoor hardback coat and an M-1A if any of that info matters.

I'll be keeping my experienced looking MRT sling to stick on for off-hand/ as a spare.
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