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Another Case Just Popped Up Today

SAF joined in a lawsuit with the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association and five individual New York City residents. They have sued New York City, Mayor Bloomberg and the NY AG Eric Schneiderman to invalidate the City's $340 dollar fee for a 3 year premises permit (on top of a 94.25 fee for processing the applicants fingerprints and the State criminal background investigation).

The suit alleges that the fee impermissibly burdens the Second Amendment Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Additionally, the suit alleges that the State law, by exempting NYC (from the maximum $10 fee in the rest of the State), fails on equal protection grounds.

The SAF announcement is here and the complaint is here.

The attorney is David D. Jensen, PLLC, New York and New Jersey. This is the attorney handling the Muller v. Maenza (NJ) case. He has separated from his former law offices (Duane Morris LLP) and has a (limited) website here.
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