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The panel consisted of;

Judge Michael S. Kanne, 1987, Reagan.
Judge Diane S. Sykes, 2004, G.W. Bush
Judge Llana Rovner, 1992, G.H.W. Bush

Lots of memorable exchanges in this, but this exchange is the one that Tom pointed out:
Judge Kanne: "OK, tell me what the dangers are for a closed firing range operated under regulation by trained and qualified personnel."

James Feldman: "There is a concern about bullets escaping. If not properly constructed, something could get out..."

Judge Sykes (interrupting the city): "That's an argument for strict safety standards in the construction of firing ranges, not in support of anything...any argument for a complete prohibition."

Judge Kanne (jumping in, incredulously): "How can you ban something just because of that?"

James Feldman: "That's not all."

Judge Kanne: "Alright, what else?"

James Feldman: "People congregate at the ranges."

Judge Kanne: "Have you ever been to an indoor firing range?

James Feldman: "No, never myself."

Judge Kanne: "Well it seems like a lot of people who worked on this have never been to a firing range."
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