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You came on here with a very legitimate concern and there's been a few 'off topic' ignorant statements made. Consider them for what they are as unfortunately there are some that have zero concept of the character of many that float in and out of the penal system in which you work in daily.
Ignorant statements made? Again there has been virtually zero evidence to back up the OP's concerns and you call me ignorant. Thats real intelligent.

I also expressed my respect for the job CO's do. I don't have the testicular fortitude to do the job myself.

That said I will not be called ignorant and other names for simply asking a question. Especially when my question was valid.

You have every right to be concerned.
As does every American citizen. Seems we are far more likely to be victimized by a recidivist former inmate than the CO who watched over them in the prison.

That said CO's are citizens just like us and are just as likely to be victimized by a recidivist former inmate that they NEVER guarded.
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