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I compete with a Remington 1100 Synthetic in 12 gauge.
The vent rib barrel has been cut to 21", bored and threaded for choke tubes, I usually use the Imp. Cyl. tube. A six round side-saddle, and a seven round magazine tube are installed. I carry extra ammo in my right front trouser pocket. I can get a whole box in there. (And hope I don't have to go prone!)

I use a simple black nylon sling that I loop around my neck. I can just drop the SG and transition to handgun and the SG is right there at my chest.

I shoot 2 3/4" shells, either W-W AA or Federal 1 1/8 oz. of 7 1/2 shot target shells if they call for "bird shot", 00 or #4 buck for steel, and slugs when required. Usually W-W or Remington 1 oz.

I use the 1100 for softer recoil for quicker follow-up shots and I have arthritis and AC Impingment problems in both shoulders. This is one reason I don't shoot a Benelli or Beretta.

If I keep it reasonably clean it does not let me down.

Neil Casper

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