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I belong to a sportsman club and they use to have pin shoots some years ago.
Never got to see one though.
Don't know why they quit having them.
The range has asprin shoots, cowboy shoots, trap shoots, Idpa shoots, etc but no pin shoots.

I was told several months ago by another member that the pres said if he caught anyone shooting pins at the range he would kick them out of the club.
Supposedly he said he was tired of cleaning up the mess.

The pres is into trap shooting, from what I understand he doesn't shoot rifles or handguns.
I can understand not wanting to clean up someone elses mess, but I would think that the mess from shotgun wads would be harder to clean up.

Yes we could vote him out, but no one, including me, wants the headaches of the job.
So I guess I'll just keep my mouth shut and carry on.
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