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"Never heard of X" is evidence of the ignorance
Funny how I hear of murder, rape, car jacking, home invasion, etc pretty regularly yet never this. While it may not be evidence it certainly makes it less common.

When one makes a statement it is incumbent on the person making the statement to provide evidence supporting it, not on others to provide evidence that it is false. Attempting to shift the burden of proof is considered a logical fallacy and also poor form in a debate.
No it is incumbent upon the person making the initial claim to do so. In this case it was alleged that OC's are at a high risk of being attacked while offduty by former inmates now free while out in public. Until that is proven then your burden of proof has not yet shifted to me. We do agree that it is poor debate form. Remember I asked why and asked for proof. I was given links to CO's being attacked but not by former inmates.

The links you provided were somewhat unhelpful. One occured while the CO was on duty in the prison.

Correctional Officer Edwards Pounds succumbed to injuries sustained two months earlier when he was assaulted by an inmate at the Neuse Correctional Institution. He was struck several times by the inmate and sustained serious injuries on November 17, 2009.
another was a hit ordered by an active inmate via cell phone. The other seems to be a former inmate wanting the OC's gun while the OC was on duty escorting an inmate to the DR.

Look I'm not saying that it can't or doesn't happen. It does appear to be rare just by the diffuculty you guys are having in finding actual accounts of it happening. Sixteen links provided and still little or no proof.

Why haven't you asked the others to prove it? I believe it is because it is reasonable to ASSUME that this is the case. It sounds logical to be so concerned. Still until it is proved it is unnecessary to disprove.
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