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How Much to ask for a CZ Woodcock

My father in law has indefinately loaned me his 12ga citori. I find myself never shooting my CZ woodcock O/U (12ga)and a friend has asked to purchace it but wants to know how much I'll sell it for. It has been a nice gun There are a small handfull of small dings in the top of the stock from where the gun has banged ito a gun rack and it has lost a little of its finish on the bottom of the reciever from being held. I would guess it has fired a few thousand rounds. The bluing is near perfict with a tiny bit of discoloring at the nose of the barrels. The color case hardining is slightly discolored. It has to be an 85% or more gun from what my old blue book says. I have a full set of chokes and a choke rench to go with it. I'm looking for advice on how much to ask. I dont want to gouge but I dont want to give it away either. Do you gus need to see picures to give me a good estimate?

Chris Thomas
Cary NC
P.S. Im gonna use the money to buy a springfield mil-spec 1911
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