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Never heard of a CO being attacked off duty by a former inmate they were charged with babysitting while the former inmate was free in public.
A couple of observations.

1. "Never heard of X" is evidence of the ignorance (in terms of the straight up definition of ignorance, not in an insulting sense of the word) of the person making the assertion. It is not evidence of the fact that "X" does not occur, is rare, has never occurred, is unlikely to occur, etc. The exception would be if the person making the comment is an established expert on the topic or is able to establish himself as an expert on the topic.

2. When one makes a statement it is incumbent on the person making the statement to provide evidence supporting it, not on others to provide evidence that it is false. Attempting to shift the burden of proof is considered a logical fallacy and also poor form in a debate.

Finally, it does appear that corrections officers are sometimes targeted by former inmates on the outside.
He says they must have been doing too good a job, because on March 5th a man Johnson recognized as a former inmate broke down the door of his home and shot him six times in the chest and abdomen.
COOKEVILLE -- A Putnam County jail corrections officer suffered bruises and other minor injuries Tuesday when a former jail inmate attacked him, officials said. Now that former inmate, Marcus Wright, 24, of Cookeville, is once again an inmate, charged with assault and resisting arrest.
WAYNE COUNTY — A former inmate has been charged with the murder of a prison guard. Chardan Whitehead, 24, assaulted corrections officer Edward Pounds during an anticipated use of force, Goldsboro Police said.

A State Correctional Officer in New York is shot at off duty in an attempted hit
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