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I don't get to check this forum too often, but this caught my eye. Did you try to feed 30-30 through it? I have a take-down 30-30 apart in a box I bought a couple years ago and if I get time I may make a spare .22 H.P. barrel for it. The carriers are not as close as you think and are rarely marked. I have a .303 take-down I made a spare 7-30 waters barrel for and it feeds flawlessly. I had a solid frame .303 I converted to .250 and it fed perfectly. The counter numbers did not line up, but at the time you could not get .303 brass anyway.

The Model 99 and 1899 designation had some changes. The picture you have is not clear but it looks like the locking area of the bolt has a radius. The earlier bolts were flat there, had different cocking pieces, the front of the bolt was a little different, and the early ones had a cocking indicator on the bolt. The other guys are right, a lot of the guns vary because it took a while to get the changes into the production. I worked on '99s that had been sent back to the factory to have the changes done after the guns were already sold. I don't collect but have worked on quite a few and the early ones are hard to pin down as to when they were made. A collector forum could probably help you more with that.

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