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Shot my first bowling pin competition today

My plan was to go and watch one since I have never shot in any pistol competition before, I was a little nervous. Everyone was very friendly and I quickly decided to shoot.

I had my Mark III and PX4. One of the guys offered to let me shoot his .45 in the revolver class. Actually, there were two guys that offered to let me shoot their gun in the revolver class. I picked the .45. Nice group of folks. I thought I did ok, I had a blast.

I had a 8.48 in the rimfire, and an 8.00 in the centerfire, not sure about the revolver. I had one run with my Beretta that was 6.2. I was pretty pleased but it's clear I have some work to do. A few guys were shooting in the mid 4's. That was fun to watch.

I would encourage anyone who has considered it to give it a try. We had a small group, 13 people, very relaxed and friendly, yet very well run and safe.
The club secretary had a perfect run in the rimfire class. It wasn't the fastest but, it was the only perfect one.

This was at the Hernando Sportsman's Club, they have it the first Sunday of each month.

Certainly more fun than punching holes in paper.
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