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I live in the midwest so we have alot of variation in our clothes over the year. I need to carry deeply concealed for my specific scenario so my requirements may be different from your and I need different tools for the job.

Best way to break it down is get at least 3 pistols over time tailored to your needs.

1. Sub-Compact:
For those summer days you want a muscle shirt and shorts.
Good Options - KelTec P380, Ruger LCP. Throw these in your back pocket in a Nemesis holster and you'll forget you have it (looks just like your wallet).

These things are smaller and lighter than most of our wallets and .380 with 7 shots is better than nothing. Revolvers would be in the 38 Spcl size here.

2. Compact: For fall and spring when I'm wearing pullovers throughout the day. Typically I'm going to carry IWB and not in a pocket so i can afford a little thickness. Good Options - Just about any Compact under the size of a full size combat pistol...Glock 23 etc, 1911 Officer Type. You can go full size here but I'm more about comfort so shave an inch off the barrel, mag, and lose 10 oz. Ruger SP 101 is an awesome revolver in here.

3. Full Size: For Late Fall through early spring. I know i'm going to have lots of layers to comfortably carry concealed OWB.

Full size Glock 22 etc, 1911 Full Size, you name it. These can be stowed away under T-shirts and the like during summer even, but for me this is just a break down of what I'm comfortable with. Break out that Anaconda and practice your best "that's not a gun, this is a gun" line.

Point is, if you have the right tool to fit different applications that fit YOUR needs, you will be more likely to use it day in and day out. You can't drive a nail with a screwdriver, you need a hammer for that...know what I mean?

Never got into the pocket pistols "shoot and run", 32's and 25's. I'd rather just run.

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