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Who said "targeted", target of opportunity maybe.
Garryc, Never heard of a CO being attacked off duty by a former inmate they were charged with babysitting while the former inmate was free in public.

Hope thats better for you.

There were a few cases of CO's being targeted on the outside, IIRC, in the links I posted
Nope. There was a single case in which a former inmate did a drive by shooting. Problem here is officials were unsure whether is was due to the CO's job or the pending testimony someone else in the house was about to give.

Be careful, or they will promote you to warden.
Biker, I wouldn't do your job for anything in the world. I made a trip as a high school student to Raiford Penitentiary for a criminal justice field trip. It was the spookiest thing I have ever done. We witnessed the carnage via photos of the violence they do to each other (and I'm sure you guys as well). They showed us the improvised weapons used. We toured a cell block with guys whistling and wanting to have a piece of your angus.

Between this experience and some reality tv shows depicting prison life, I would never voluntarily place myself in that environment for any amount of pay.

While I suspect your concern over inmates coming after you (in society) is over rated I commend your courage and watermelon sized man jewels for being able to do a job so dangerous.

Remember I have no skin in this game. This started as a question I asked. Then I was attacked with name calling and such. What started as a simple question has become a quest to prove that I'm not the things posted and in fact am correct in my opinion. It was not intentional on my part to insult anyone.
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