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Rationale behind post editing time limit?


I am hoping someone can enlighten me as to why members are not allowed to edit their posts after a few days have passed.

Having searched this support forum, I came upon many threads on this topic, but little or no response as to the reason for the limitation. Most times a moderator would simply state, "Yes, there is 4 day limit - after that, just add a new post to the thread."

The closest I came to uncovering the reason was one post where a mod mentioned "continuity" of the thread. However, in some cases it seems that the limitation would have exactly the opposite effect. For example, I am currently in the process of posting some of my serial number research for various pistols in the Harley Nolden forum. In posts of this kind, it is important to be able to edit the original list as new information is uncovered so that the data is presented in an orderly, continuous fashion. My research is done over long periods of time, with the information very gradually and painstakingly compiled. To add a new post every time new serial numbers or data are uncovered will result in a stew of jumbled information that will be horribly difficult to make sense of.

So why the limit on editing? What is there to be afraid of? Most people wouldn't bother to edit their posts anyway, and the few exceptions likely would have good reason for doing so. If new information is added, why would the moderators care if it's in the original post or not? And if information is deleted - well, it was the OP's to post in the first place, so why not let her delete some or all of it if she wants?

I have belonged to forums that have unlimited post editing and have not observed any editing epidemics or major problems with thread discontinuity. On the contrary, the capability allows information to be presented in such a way that it will best serve those seeking it. If someone is interested in reading about Clement pistol serial numbers, and their search turns up an initial list, who's to say that they will look 25 posts down to see additional posts - perhaps months or even years later - containing information that belongs in the main database? And even if they do, the disorder of the information they pick out of the rest of the thread will hamper their ability to perceive the "big picture", which is why the trouble is taken to compile the serial number data in the first place.

Sorry to be long winded, but I am puzzled and frustrated by what seems a perfectly senseless restriction.
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