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Another idea I have had is making it so that the gun forcibly reset the trigger after every shot for you. This would make it so all you have to do i maintain pressure and the gun will keep on firing and resetting the trigger to the forward position.
This would not be legal. Since the gun is doing all the work and you're only "maintaining pressure" it's not going to get approved.

The various bump-firing add-ons are legal because the shooter is actually pulling the trigger for each shot--albeit by pulling the gun forward rather than pulling the trigger backward. The Akins went a tiny bit too far and had a spring pull the gun back foward and when the ATF finally caught on they reversed their initial decision and banned it.
If you had a 1919A4 or M2HB Semi Autos could you install a electric type motor to control the trigger function like replacing the trigger or butterfly lever with a hand crank?
I think you will find BATF highly resistant to the idea of installing an electrically operated trigger/motor to operate the trigger in a semi-auto.
Did you know that there is a TEXAS State Rifle Association?
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